Your morning ritual just got 10x better. These unique good morning glass mugs will have you excited for every satisfying pour of coffee/tea/whatever you like!


**This is a PRE-ORDER item. Mugs will ship 7-10 business days after placing your order.

- Arabic calligraphy designs translate to “good morning” 
- Thick, durable 4in. diameter glass mugs⁣

- White design
- Holds 13 fluid oz.⁣ (standard mug size)
- Gently hand washing recommended

- Do not place in microwave

- Sold individually + in a pair ⁣(check other listing)
- Gift option available 



- For best use and longest mug life, hand wash gently (highly recommended). Also dishwasher safe.

- Do not place mug in an extreme temperature environment (i.e. freezer, stovetop). Glass may crack/break at extreme temperatures.

صباح الخير (Good Morning) Glass Mug